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thermal baths In recent years spas have become synonymous with a new type of tourism ready to be discovered in Canada.
Because of relaxation and pleasure, and because wellness is suitable from everyone, Canadian people search more and more, throughout the year, for spas, wellness centers and thermal vacations.
Young people looking for beauty treatments and for improving their physical appearance, less young people searching for classic spa treatments to alleviate disorders of varying severity.
The main purposes of the thermal medicine are in fact treating disorders of those who practice sport, offering rehabilitative cares after traumatic events, proposing alternative treatments for ear nose and throat diseases, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism and skin diseases, urinary tract and the gastrointestinal tract problems.
Normally the spa exploits directly the beneficial properties of local natural resources, such as thermal and mud baths.
In addition to these natural treatments, spas offer gyms, steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, massage rooms and beauty treatments.
In two words: Wellness Spas.
The demand for services related to wellness and spa vacations is growing fast in canada and it comes from a wide range of users, who mainly aspires to reach at the same time a physical and mental balance during a period of total relaxation.
Spas are so became the spearhead of the accommodation system, and every Canadian spa town tries to enhance the local natural resources but also give the customers the opportunity to enjoy the vacation, combining relax, culture, art, and entertainment.
In Canada there is plenty of choice for a spa vacation.
It all depends on the customers.
There are people out who want to carve out a space to relieve the body from stressfull life, so looking for warm places and silence.
There are people out who want to combine spa relaxation and entertainment.
Some spas near seaside resorts offer rejuvenating staying and funny seaside holidays.
Other spas suggest to join together thermal treatments and golf. They say it is the best!
We recommend to plan in advance a spa vacation, as prices of individual care and treatments vary widely from spa to spa.
The mean reason is that these sojourns are totally different because of the different treatments and facilities offered from place to place.
The question is: how to choose the right place for you?
Our advice is looking online.
By looking online you can compare countless offers and choose between the most favorable ones, enjoying that kind of satisfaction that comes from pursuing our desires a minimum of time and with a minimum of physical effort and cost!
Knowing that in times of crisis like even Canada is experiencing, 'saving money' is important, it is good for you to know that there are thermal areas completely free, where you can, by using the necessary precautions, take advantage of basic spa treatments such as mud bath and bath therapy (hot/cold immersion therapy).
Most of these thermal are well known by local people, looking for natural remedies. Geysers, natural thermal pools, bubbling mud pots, waterfalls, sink holes, hot springs, and all above, without spending a dime!
Remember that it is the responsibility of each individual to verify, by a prior medical check-up, his or her ability to undertake free treatments.
We strongly recommend the medical check-up as, just for example, hot therapy is not good for people with acutely inflamed joints, or acute infections. Simple, but not everyone knows!
Finally, strongly linked to the wellness world, we recommend to pay proper attention to thermal waters you drink.
It is indeed good to know that every physical disorder related to digestive, hepatobiliary and intestinal problem, requires specific thermal waters, able to soothe, and sometimes to heal the most common diseases.
Important warning: we don't talk about any magical water!
We are not saying that two glasses of this rather than that water will heal your gastritis or make disappear your cellulite!
Let's talk about simple water which, due to their chemical nature, could help in curing various ailments.
Recall also that the mineral water treatments should be carried out under strict medical supervision, as some sources of water have characteristics so specific that they can't be used without taking proper precautions.


Information contained in these pages is only intended to inform the users and not to provide professional advice about spa and wellness treatments. Any suggestion and/or recommendation cannot replace the doctor advice, therefore users accessing these pages are advised to obtain appropriate professional advice when necessary and before starting any treatment. Access and fruition of spas and wellness services can be regulated by law. Please review all the information contained on this site carefully, comparing National Health Service pages websites.


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